Thursday, 28 November 2013

Central Government Employees ask Centre to Consider Merger of 50 percent DA

Government employees have asked the Centre to consider merging dearness allowance with their pay, arguing that the Sixth Pay Commission — quite like the Centre — could not have anticipated the high inflation that has eroded real wages over the last decade.
Since 2006 – when the recommendations of the last pay commission came into force – the dearness allowance has increased to 90%, a reflection of the high inflation environment that employees have to cope up with.
The demand was made at a preliminary meeting held between the department of personnel and the employee representatives to discuss the proposed Seventh Pay Commission announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in September.
Congress media department chief Ajay Maken had asked the Prime Minister to announce the next pay commission in March this year. Writing in his capacity as a cabinet minister, Maken had also argued for a liberal increase in the salaries of government officials to attract and retain talent.
Representatives of government employees weren’t as optimistic.
Umraomal Purohit, secretary, staff side, however, did stress on the merger of dearness allowance (DA) with the basic pay. Purohit said that the sixth pay commission did not recommend merger as they could not have anticipated a high rate of inflation which resulted in employees being granted a 90% rate of DA.
Purohit and other representatives also emphasized that a system should be put in place to ensure that anomalies created due to recommendations of pay commissions should be resolved within a year of the implementation of the report.
Government sources said the pay commission could be notified over the next two months or so, well before the model code of conduct for the general elections kicks in. Also, the Centre is expected to give the panel enough time to prepare its report in the hope that the government would be a lot more comfortable vis-a-vis the fiscal deficit by the time the panel submits its report

 source: Hindustan Times

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

23rd Circle Conference of NAPE Grou-c

As you all are aware that our 23rd Circle conference is going to held from 1.12.2013 to 3.12.2013 at Ambedkar Assembly Hall, Opp. Siripuram Petrol bunk, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. There are many issues to be discussed and have to made resolutions. All Divisional/Branch secretaries are requested to make the conference a grand success.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Minutes of the meeting held with the representatives of the Staff Side of JCM to discuss the possible Terms of Reference (ToRMinutes of the meeting held with the representatives of the Staff Side of JCM to discuss the possible Terms of Reference (ToR) for the 7th CPC) for the 7th CPC

CLIK HERE  to view the minutes of the meeting held on 24.10.2013 with the representatives of the Staff Side of JCM to discuss the possible Terms of Reference (ToR) for the 7th CPC communicated vide Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions letter no No.16/15/2012-JCA dated 19.11.2013.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tax payers has to furnish PAN of House Owner to Claim HRA deduction beyond 1 lakh

If you are a salaried taxpayer claiming HRA (house rent allowance) deduction, watch out. The central government has lowered the exemption limit for reporting the rent received. Salaried taxpayers claiming HRA exemption and paying a rent of over Rs 1 lakh per year have to give landlord's PAN (permanent account number). Till now, if the total rent paid was less than Rs 15,000 a month there was no need to submit the landlord's PAN details. The new rule effectively lowers the rent limit from Rs 15,000 a month to Rs 8,333 per month for claiming HRA exemption without making any disclosures.

"Further, if annual rent paid by the employee exceeds Rs 1,00,000 per annum, it is mandatory for the employee to report PAN of the landlord to the employer," the Central Board of Direct Taxes said in its latest circular. "In case the landlord does not have a PAN, a declaration to this effect from the landlord along with the name and address of the landlord should be filed by the employee," it said.

Though incurring actual expenditure on payment of rent is a pre-requisite for claiming deduction under section 10(13A) of the I-Tax Act, it has been decided as an administrative measure that salaried employees drawing HRA up to Rs 3,000 per month will be exempted from production of rent receipt.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Air Travel on TA-LTC (Official Account) — relaxation of government instructions: Min Civ Aviation OM

The meeting of JCM (DC) will be held on 27/11/2013 at 10.00 A.M. under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (Posts) at, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi.

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
                                                         (S.R. Section)                                                18/11/2013

Subject:     Notice for the JCM(DC) meeting to discuss new subjects.

     The meeting of JCM (DC) to discuss the new subjects will be held on 27/11/2013 at 10.00 A.M. under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (Posts) in G.P. Roy Committee Room, 2nd Floor, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi.

     Please make it convenient to attend the meeting.  Subjects for discussion in the meeting were circulated vide S.R. Section’s letter of even number dated 23rd July, 2013.  The meeting will be followed by lunch.

( Arun Malik )
Official Side:  Member(O),  Member(P), Member(Tech),  Member(PLI),  Member (Plg), Member(HRD).CGM(MB)/CGM(PLI)/CGM(BD&MD)/JS&FA.Secretary(PSB)/DDG(P)/DDG(Estt)/DDG(R&P)/DDG(Estates&MM)/DDG(PAF)/DDG(Vig.)/DDG(PO&CP)/DDG(FS)/DDG(Technology) OSD to Secretary(Posts).

Staff Side:
1.      Shri  M. Krishnan
2.      Shri   D. Theagarajan
3.      Shri  Giri Raj Singh
4.      Shri  Ishwar Singh Dabas
5.      Shri  D. Kishan Rao
6.      Shri  T.N. Rahate
7.      Shri  P. Suresh
8.      Shri  Pranab Bhattacharjee
9.      Shri T. Satyanarayana
10.    Shri  R.N. Parashar
11.    Shri  N. Subramanian
12.    Shri  C.B. Surve
13.    Shri S.K. Humayun
14.    Shri  N. Ramappa

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Meeting with PMG & DPS Vijayawada Region

On 12.11.2013 Circle Secretary, Sri K.Muralikrishna RR Vijayawada Region and Sri Himesh babu Ds Gudiwada Divn met the DPS Vijayawada Sri K.Somasundaram who joined on 9.11.2013 and requested the officers co-operation in all staff matters.

     After that we met PMG Vijayawada and discussed on the following issues.
Non passing of Outsourcing bills by Khammam SP, Non functioning of Bhadrachalam HO generator, Rule-38 transfers and deputations within in the region cases and many probles and the Officer given a promise to settele the same within a week.  

Friday, 8 November 2013

Officers of AP Circle got promotion

The following officers of AP Circle got promotion :

Sl no
Name of the Officer
Present post held
Posting on promotion to JAG Cadre
APMG(Vig) O/o CPMG, AP Circle, Hyd
DPS (Mails &BD) C.O,Mumbai
M.Purnachandra rao
APMG, Chennai, Tamilnadu circle
DPS(Hq), Raipur, Chhattisgarh  Circle
K.Ravi Babu
CEPT, Mysore
Director, CEPT, Mysore
V.V.Satyanarayana Reddy
SSPOs, Secunderabad Dn
Direcor, Mumbai GPO
Officers who got posting in AP Circle  (On promotion to JAG Cadre)
APMG(Staff), o/o PMG, Madhurai,Tamilnadu Circle
DPS, Vijayawada
  Congratulations to all the officers and wish them all success in their new assignments. 

Clarification in reimbursment of medical Claim through Private hospital

25% additional claim will be granted in addition to the rates communicated 2002 CGHS

For details :  CLIK HERE

Joint Memorandum on SB/RD new accounts Targets

A joint memorandum was issued to CPMG on 5.11.2013 in c/w  SB/RD new accounts 

Andhra Pradesh Circle, Hyderabad – 500001.

No.NUPE-APU-III/APCC/SB-RD Targets/11-2013                                                        Date:  5-11-2013

The Chief Postmaster General,
Andhra Pradesh Circle,
Hyderabad – 500001.               

Sub:- Suggestions from the unions to improve the growth of SB/RD accounts-Reg.
                        We wish to bring the following suggestions for improvement of SB/RD accounts in our Circle.
SB/RD Accounts Opening Drive: The objective behind the great intention of the Honourable authority to self sustains the BOs with ample number of accounts has been supported by the trade unions unconditionally as it helps in improving the concept of financial inclusion.  But the following issues/practices are remained unsolved which are giving results in contra and unrest among staff.
Workload: On an average there will 8 to 10 BO for every account office hence every Account office will be added with 4000 number of RD accounts i.e., on an average 153 deposits/subsequent transactions may take place per day.  It works out to 230 minutes (153X1.5 minutes) – about 4 hours of additional work load.  Already 99% of the account offices have been working with shortage of staff due to various reasons.  Account offices are already assigned/over burdened with the works of incentive/honorarium based works like MIS, SSP, NREGS compilation of SSP and NREGS work of BOs.  This much of burden will certainly effect in dealing with the regular customers of Post Office which is not healthy news for improving the customer base. To encourage the BPMs an assurance has to be given that the review of the TRCA will be taken up irrespective of the periodicity as a special measure.

Outsourcing: - The orders of the authority for providing outsourcing for opening of accounts has not been followed uniformly by the Divisional Administration. Some of divisional Heads giving oral instructions to the staff to claim as honorarium @  Rs. 1 to 2 rupees per account.  But as per the work norms it takes 1 hour to open 8 accounts at AO i.e., 65 accounts per day (8 hours), i.e. around Rs.250 has to be offered per 65 accounts ( 4 to 5 rupees per account).  Orders of the authority are not communicated clearly up to Divisional Level unless until there is speaking order, circulating the directorate orders of 2009 in this special drive did not serve the purpose.

The target of Opening 500 accounts by each PO in 2 months is over patronized by the middle level administration.  The middle level administration is just forcing to achieve the targets within weeks forcibly opening of smaller denomination i.e Rs.10/- which is unuseful and unproductive. We are enclosing some of the irregular accounts opened in the divisions for your information. The same practice is being done  in almost all subdivisions/divisions.

The utmost motivation skill used by the middle level management is making phone calls/conducting meetings to the BPMs ordering to open accounts within weeks at any cost under any circumstances.  They are not interested in showing the possible means and to accompany with the field staff to promote healthy business, they are just interested in numbers. In their prudence they did not justify how to run the DET when there are more than hundred accounts per that particular day.

As we have discussed in the 108th RJCM, staff side suggested that for opening of 100 SB/RD accounts, an outsider can be engaged as per the rates fixed by the concerned District Collectors. It is requested specific orders may be issued on engagement of outsiders.

The union desires orders from the competent authority on the above issues in order to make the self inclusion a success.
A line in reply about the action taken on the issue is solicited.
Thanking you

DASV PRASAD                                                                                          SIVAJI VASIREDDY

C/S AIPEU III                                                                                            C/S  NAPE GR-C                                                                        

Monday, 4 November 2013

All Divisional/Branch Secretaries
All Circle Office bearers

Today myself and Sri D.Kishanrao GS,had met with CPMG and had a formal discussion about opening of SB/RD accounts and utilization of out sourced officials. CPMG had ordered to open SB/RD accounts, but based on this order some of the sub divisional heads are miss interpreted and forcing the ground level staff to open fictitious accounts for Rs.10/ onwards. This issue has been brought to the notice of CPMG and requested to issue clear cut orders on the issue to avoid harassment by sub divisional and divisional heads. It is also brought to the notice, regarding shortage of staff and it is informed by the CPMG that already clear instructions have been issued in the month of september 2013 (placed below this post). Hence it is requested to all Branch/Divisional Secretaries to make optimum utilization of out sourced officials wherever shortage of staff is there and it is also requested to tackle the harassment if any in opening of SB/RD accounts by sub divisional/divisional heads. Circle union will always support and put maximum efforts to safe guard the interest of the members as well as union. The issues if any taken up at circle level may please be brought to the notice for settlement. And we have given a joint (with NFPE CS) memorandum to the CPMG on the above subject. 

with regards

SIVAJI VASIREDDY, Circle Secretary

PLI and RPLI Bonus rates for 2009-2010

PLI Directorate has announced PLI/RPLI bonus rates wef from 2009-2010 and they are quite disappointing for orders


Allocation of funds to GDS A P Circle Welfare Fund

An amount of Rupees 2849500 Twenty eight lakh forty nine thousand and five hundred was allotted to AP Circle as GDS welfare Fund to meet GDS personnel financial grant and loans, vide DG Lr No:  19-31/2012-WL-sport  dated 14.10.2013 

Postman and MTS Examination for the vacancies of 2013 - Schedule announced by the CO

Circle Office , Hyderabad has announced the  schedule to conduct Examination to fill up the Postman and MTS vacancies for the year 2013 in AP Circle. As per the schedule, Both the Examinations will be held on 15.12.2013. Postman Examination will be held from 10 AM to 11 30 AM and MTS Examination will be held on the same day from 2 PM to 3 PM.