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Rule-38 transfers in P.A Cadre in Vijayawada Region

RO,Vijayawada has ordered the following Rule-38 transfers in the cadre of Postal Assistant (DR) and P.A(DP).
Click here to view the RO, Vijayawada memo dated 28.04.2016.

Model Application Form to be submitted to Divisional Head by the Pre-2006 Pensioners with less than 33 years of service!


The Senior Superintendent of Post Offies / RMS,




Sub: - Request for revision of my pension as per the orders issued by the Department of Pension and Pensioner Welfare.

Ref: - 1. Department of Pension and Pensioner Welfare Notification               No. 38/37/08-P&PW (A) dated 06.04.2016
2. My PPO No.______________________________

            I was retired from service on superannuation / medical invalidation / compulsory retirement while working as__________________ on _______after completing __  years of service. My pension was fixed on pro-rata basis as per orders in force at that time. Department of Pension and Pensioner Welfare has now issued a notification (under reference) in which it has been laid down that "It has now- been decided that the revised consolidated pension of pre-2006 pensioners shall not be lower than 50% of the minimum of the pay in the Pay Band and the grade pay (wherever applicable) corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale as per fitment table without pro-rata reduction of pension even if they had qualifying service of less than 33 years at the time of retirement".

            I request that my pension may please be refixed as per the above notification and arrears paid to me from 01.01.2006.

                                             Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

MAYDAY greetings to all

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Sri SK.Sinha, Member(P) will hold addl charge of Secretary Posts

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Two Critical Point Highlighted To Empowered Committee By Dorai On 7th CPC

In addition to the various genuine demands raised by the various Central Government Employees Federations/Associations with the Empowered Committee of Secretaries, I would like them to bring these 2 important crucial issues before the Empowered Committee of Secretaries for implementation:


The financial benefit would be much lower than what a government servant would be getting under VI CPC recommendation on promotion, because the existing benefit on promotion carry change in grade pay apart from 3% increase in Pay+Grade Pay. The following illustration shall show the huge difference:
Suppose an employee whose Pay is Rs.10400/- and the Grade pay is Rs. 2800/- totalling to Rs.13200(in the Pay band of 5200-20200), gets his next promotion to the Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- he will be entitled to the following hike in total remuneration under the existing VI CPC recommendation as a result of promotion::
Rs.13200 x 3% increment =Rs.400Difference in Grade Pay from Rs.2800 to Rs.4200= Rs.1400
Total increase of increment in basic pay and Grade Pay= Rs.1800
D.A. at 125% as on 1/1/2016 on Rs.1800 = Rs.2250
HRA at 30%(assuming X city) on Rs.1800 =Rs.540
Total monetary benefit = Rs.4590/-
Whereas the net monetary benefit under VII CPC recommendation, as a result of promotion in the above case will be much lower than the above illustration as shown under:
Equivalent Basic Pay for Rs.13200 come to Rs.33900 as per pay matrix
Rs.33900 x 3% increment =Rs.1017(placed at Rs.35,400 as per pay matrix in the next level)
Total difference Rs.35400 – Rs33900 =1500
D.A. at 0% as on 1/1/2016 on Rs.1500= 0
HRA at 24%(assuming X city) on Rs.1500 =Rs.360
Total monetary benefit = Rs.1860/-only as against the existing Rs.4590/- leading to shortage of Rs. 2730/-
  • This is a big blunder committed by the VII Pay commission.
  • Therefore the increment on promotion should be atleast 5 to 6% to bring the benefit of increment on promotion to the existing level.
  • Whether increase of percentage for annual increment is considered or not, but increment of percentage for promotions definitely need to be implemented to bring the level of monetary benefit to the existing level.


The long standing demand of the central government employees for merger of 50% D.A with basic was not implemented by the government on the excuse that the VI CPC had not made such a proposal. Even the VII CPC is totally silent about this aspect. It appears no one has demanded the same before the VII CPC for consideration.

It is quite surprising that such a vital issue of non-recommendation of merger of D.A with basic pay when D.A crosses 50% is not being opposed by any central government associations or pointed out by the media. Had it been recommended by the VII CPC, the government shall definitely implement the same and the benefit of hike in salary as a result of merger of D.A with basic when it cross 50%, would be so vast that no government servant would crave for timely setting up of next VIII Central Pay commission.


Govt likely to implement 7th Pay Commission award around September-October

New Delhi: The Central government employees will have to wait till September-October to get higher salaries under the 7th Pay Commission.

As per a Financial Express report, government is expecting that higher salaries released around the festival period starting with Durga Puja and Diwali will boost consumption, which will have a multiplier effect on the economy. 

Though the employees will get arrears with retrospective effect from January 1, no retrospective arrears in allowances will be given. With the move, the exchequer would be able to save around Rs 11,000 crore. 

The commission had estimated the additional outgo in FY17 due to its award at R73,650 crore.


Rates of Dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f. 1.1.2016 to the employees of Central Government and Central Autonomous Bodies continuing to draw their pay in the pre-revised scale as per 5th CPC

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3rd Circle Council meeting of NAPE Gr-c AP Circle and CWC of NUPE PM&MTS and NUGDS

Combined Circle working committee meeting of NAPE group-c, NUPE PM&MTS and NUGS of AP circle was held at RJCM office, Ckikkadapalle, Hyderabad on 23.4.16 and 24.4.16 under the president ship of Sri R.Sudhakar PIII circle president and Sri M.Murali NUGDS. Sri D.Kishanrao GS NAPE Gr-c CHQ attended the meeting as Chief guest and addressed the members on CBS, Mc Camish and 7th CPC issues. He also shared views and ideas to be adopted about membership verification 2016 of Grameena Dak Sevaks. Gulam Rabbani CS PIV, Sivaji CS, Ch.Laxminarayan CS NUGDS, Sri G.Shankar Goud, Sri G.nageswararao, Sri M.Tirumalarao, Sri SNSV Prasad, Sri K.mark were also shared thier views.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

LTC 80 Air Fare of Air India – Updated Domestic LTC Fares

Click here to view the   fares  of Air India under LTC 80.

'Seventh pay commission fails to address woes of employees'

The seventh pay commission report has failed to address the welfare of employees, said president of confederation of central government employees and workers KKN Kutty.

Addressing a meeting on the seventh pay commission in the city on Sunday, Kutty slammed the centre for failing to look into the issues of the employees and warned that agitations would be launched to demand minimum pay as per the market prices.

He said that the commission had recommended that the minimum pay should be hiked from Rs 7,000 to Rs 18,000. However, considering the current market conditions, he said that minimum pay was not adequate. He said that a memorandum with 26 demands had been submitted to the centre. He warned that massive protests will taken out from September onwards if the government failed to address the issues of employees in the seventh pay commission.

Source:-The Times of India

Meeting with Brother Phillip Jennings, General Secretary, UNI the Global Union on 21/4/2016 at Radission Hotel, Hyderabad

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Government employees as good as those in private sector: Suresh Prabhu

NEW DELHI: Emphasising on rewarding performers to improve performance, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today said government employees do not lack talent and they are as good as those working in the private sector.

Addressing a large number of civil servants in a function here, he said there is a need to create a system where people will perform with all their ability.

"I do not think that getting people from outside or from private sector will solve all our problems. Also I am not convinced that government lacks any talent. What I am convinced about is the commitment of the people to work despite biggest challenges.

"It is not the private or public sector which is the solution. The solution lies in creating the organisation with the good people and at the same time working with the system. The systems are very important. Therefore we need to look at the system as a whole so that people will have the ability to perform well," Prabhu said inaugurating 10th civil services day here. 

He said there is a need to identify performers and suitably reward them. "How do you get the best of talents available within the country in the system? That is something we need to think about. How do you reward a good performer. Today there is nothing like rewarding a performer. 

"You have to think of a system where a good performer is properly identified. They get properly rewarded. They are properly promoted and those who are not doing good they need not be thrown out but how to actually make them doable that is the challenge," he said during the function being attended by senior officials of central government ministries and state governments.

Prabhu said people in the government are as good or as better as those working outside the government. "The challenge is how to use that huge human capital and how to harness it at the time when challenges are mounting," the Minister said.

"We need to develop a system where our delivery is better or at least at par with citizen expectations. Need to build systems and teams that can address today's challenges and future needs as well," Prabhu said.

He said no one can deny that the country has not done progress. "No one can say that nothing has been done in the country. We have done progress and we should be proud of that," Prabhu said.

The Minister hoped that the India will become world's largest economy in some years. "It is a matter of time whether it is 20 years, 25 years or it may be 30 years. There is no doubt about the fact that we will be one of the largest economy in the world," he said.

DHARNA at CO on 22.4.2016 differed

 As CPMG sent a appeal to unions for seeking some more time for settlment of union demands on CBS and MC camish  issues circle JCA  decided to postpone the proposed dharna at CO on 22.4.2016 to the month of MAY and details will be posted in the blog. 

Bi-ennial conference of Ongole Division

Joint bi-ennial conference of  NAPE Gr-c, NUPE PM&MTS and  NUGDS of Prakasam Divn were held at CNV function hall near Collectorate, Ongole on 20.4.2016 under the presidentship of Sri K.Veeraswamireddy president Gr-c.  Sri V.Sivaji CS addressed the gathering on CBS, Mc Camish, 7th CPC and other problems. Sri Gulam Rabbani CS PIV, Sri Ch.Lakshminarayana CS NUGDS, Sri K.Muralikrishna ACS PIII, Sri D.S.Nageswarao FNPO senior leader Tenali Dn were also on the dias and addressed the gathering. At last Sri K.Veeraswamireddy and Sri K.Mark were elected as President and Divisional secretary respectively.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

DA order for GDS

Appeal from CPMG on Dharna at CO on 22/4/2016

        Kindly refer to  your  letter No. Adhdra Pradesh/PJCA/2016   dated 06.04.2016 on the above mentioned subject.

       It is to  bring to your notice that  as per Directorate vide letter No.46-12/2015-Tech dt 05.02.2016, Circles are delegated with the power of up gradation of NSP1 Bandwidth for D&E class offices to 512 kbps (minimum bandwidth as per national policy). Accordingly the feasible 2050 locations bandwidth upgradation approval is given to M/S SIFY.  Out of which SIFY has upgraded the Bandwidth in respect of 2011 locations. Remaining 39 locations are pending for want of issuance of WAN acceptance by the Divisions. Consequently Directorate vide letter No.46-12/2015-Tech dt 15.03.2016 has approved the upgradation of NSP2 to next higher level in 196 locations, where NSP1 is TNF.  In these locations, NSP2 existing bandwidth is 128 kbps, hence the upgradation is to be done to a minimum of 512 kbps instead of 256 kbps as approved by Directorate. This has been taken up with Directorate vide this office letter No. EDP/PMU/NI implementation/2014-15 dated 12.04.2016.    In this regard, kindly find the attachment of all class D & E locations which are apgraded to 512 Kbps on NSP1.

 I am directed by the Competent Authority to request to not resort to proposed action as it will demoralize the staff and give negative message to public.
With regards,

Union Cell
O/o the CPMG
A.P. Circle
Hyderabad - 500 001

Friday, 15 April 2016

Special CL order for Circle council meeting at RJCM office, Chikkadapally from 23.4.2016 to 24.4.2016

Centre Considers Including Cruise Tours Under Leave Travel Concession Scheme

Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma today said presently only 0.40 per cent of the tourists in India opt for cruise tours, while India's share in the global cruise tourism market is 0.68 per cent. (File Photo)

MUMBAI: Aiming to increase cruise tourism, the Centre is mulling to include vacations on luxury ships under the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) scheme where government employees get their travel costs reimbursed.

"We are looking at including cruise tours under the LTC scheme. Employees can go on cruise ships at government expense," Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Suman Billa said during a session on tourism at the Maritime India Summit here today.

He said such a move will shore up the sagging numbers of tourists opting for cruise tours and will be a huge boost for the sector.

Mr Billa said for the five years between FY10 and FY14, there has been a 14 per cent decline in the number of tourists opting for cruise tours in the country, a trend the government wants to reverse.

In FY10, there were 55,000 domestic and 1.35 lakh foreign tourists who boarded cruise ships, which dropped to 45,000 and 70,000, respectively, in FY14, he said.

Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma today said presently only 0.40 per cent of the tourists in India opt for cruise tours, while India's share in the global cruise tourism market is 0.68 per cent.

The government is targeting to take this up to 1 per cent by 2020 and further to 2 per cent later.

Most Indians "have a craze" towards cruise tourism, he said, adding that special emphasis has been laid on cruise tourism in the last 18 months.

Mr Billa said a task force set up in November 2015 to increase cruise tourism is looking at various aspects, including developing infrastructure, simplifying procedures, increasing marketing and communication activities, and incentives and commissions.

The move to include holidays on cruise ships under the LTC is also one of the proposals the task force, chaired by tourism secretary and co-chaired by the shipping secretary, is looking into, he said.

Mr Billa said India is best placed to take advantage of cruise tourism as it stands close to a busy route for cruise ships between the Middle East and South East Asian countries.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Extension for filing returns for the year 2014 and 2015 under section 44 of Lokpal & Lokayuktas Act, 2013 last date 31.7.2016

Click here to view Department of Personnel and Training Gazette notification dated 11-04-2016.

NFPE & FNPO P3 unions dharna on CBS & McCamish problems on 12-04-2016

Ongole Division

Narasaraopet Division

Many of Divisions held dharna in good manner. The circle union congratulates all the activists for making it as grand success. All Divisional and branch secretaries are requested to organize Min 10 members to participate in the Dharna to be hled at Circle office on 22/4/2016.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Empowered committee may recommend a minimum wage of Rs 20000/- or Rs 21000/- against the demand of Rs 26,000/ of the staff side: CoC Karnataka

Empowered committee may recommend a minimum wage of Rs 20000/- or Rs 21000/- against the demand of Rs 26,000/ of the staff side: CoC Karnataka 

There are various reports on 7th Central Pay commission on the media on fitment formula, arrears being paid as bonds , these reports are totally wrong and unwanted , these confuse the Central Government Employees, if you read the below table it is quite clear that a Group “C” employee shall get. 

The true picture, as per the 7th CPC recommendations has provided only at 14% wage hike at Group “C” level it is only ranging from Rs 2240 to Rs 3500/ increase per month, and at Group “B” level ranging from Rs 4000 to Rs 6500/ increase per month. 

The Empowered Committee is likely to rectify and change the fitment formula in that case , As per media reports the committee may recommend a minimum wage of Rs 20000/- or Rs 21000/- against the demand of Rs 26,000/ of the staff side , the Central Government Employees (Group “B” & Group “C” ) and shall get a salary increase of just Rs 4000/ to Rs 16000/- only , that is also too meager considering the aspect of price rise and modern day expenditures, Secondly arrears of six months if the 7th CPC is implemented shall be only Rs 8000/- per month on average per employee per month , for six months it will just at Rs 50000/- per employee only , this amount will not affect the Central Government finances , 

So don’t believe any news paper reports, Secondly there is no change in allowances expect HRA, that too its rates are reduced by the 7th CPC and also many allowances have been withdrawn. This is saving for the Government. 

Hence we should not bother too much on these reports, instead we should educate the members and prepare for struggle, so that we get at least get a minimum wage of Rs 24,000/- ( 50 % wage hike without allowances) , as allowances are not taken into pension benefit. 

Comradely yours 

General Secretary
Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State

Introduction of New Scheme SSA - circulation of revised notification regarding

POSB Order No. 3/2016 Introduction of New Scheme SSA - circulation of revised notification regarding

SSA Gazatte Notification : View / Download

SB Order 03/2016 PDF : View / Download

DA Orders - Revised rates effective from 01.01.2016: Department of Post Order

Discontinuing the existing scheme of relaxation of standard in favour of SC/ST Group C officials including MTS in the limited Deptl competitive Exams

Click here to view Postal Directorate letter no 4-13/2015 - SPB - I dated 08.04.2016 on the above subject matter.

My Postman App launched by DoP not Only introduces residents to their Postman, but also allows them to order Stamps And Envelopes

Gurgaon: There is no need to visit the post office any more. You can now get postage stamps and envelopes delivered at your doorstep.

A new mobile app, launched by the postal department, not only introduces residents to their postman, but also allows them to order stamps and envelopes. Once residents enter their area, the app, called My Postman, throws up the name, number and photo of that area's postman.

"We realised since that fewer people stay at home, they do not get to know their postman unlike earlier. Hence we thought of using technology to introduce customers to their postman," said Umesh Verma, postmaster general, Gurgaon. "Once the customer has the credentials, he can coordinate with the postman while awaiting delivery of important documents like passports," he added.

Along with this, all postmen have been asked to carry smart phones so that they can home deliver stamps and envelopes, which residents can order through the app. The third party app was developed over six months and can be downloaded for free on the Google playstore.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Rates on small savings schemes may fall further

       Interest rates on small savings schemes are set to fall further in the next few quarters with yields on government bonds coming down. Last month, while revising the rates, the government had said the returns will now be benchmarked to government bonds and reviewed once every three months.

     RBI governor Raghuram Rajan's monetary policy on Tuesday brought down yields on government securities marginally. The returns on government bonds are set to drop further as the RBI moves to improving liquidity in the money market.

     According to India Ratings, interest rates on small saving schemes in the second quarter (July-September) of 2016-17 fiscal are likely to be 20-25 basis points lower than in the first quarter (100 basis points = one percentage point). This is because of the measures announced by Rajan in his policy this week to improve liquidity. The new rates came into effect from April1and resulted in a rush for investments in the last week of March.Small savings directly compete with and offer higher rates than fixed deposit schemes of banks. Rajan said that the rush for small savings and tax-free bonds resulted in a slower growth in deposits. He said the new rates continued to be attractive and may need to come down further.

Source:-The Economic Times

Technical Resignation and Lien - Consolidated guidelines.

To view Department of Personnel & Training OM No.28020/1/2010-Estt(C) dated 08-04-2016 please Click Here

Attestation Form for verification of character and antecedents prior to appointment in Government service - regarding.

To view DOPT Letter to UPSC for dispensing away with the Identity Certificate please Click Here.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

DA raised 6% wef 1.1.2016 orders by Finance Minster


Revision af Pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners - Delinking of Revised Pension from qualifying service of 33 years - DoPT Order

Vague News about implementation of 7th CPC recommendation is Posted in Internet

Any news about implementation of 7th pay commission recommendation is the Hottest topic of discussion at all offices of Central Government. To encash this interest of cg servants, all the Media has focused on publishing vague news about latest development in 7th pay commission. To what extent it is true is debatable issue. But whatever the news posted in Social Media and News Media about the seventh CPC recommendation never missed to draw the attention of cg employees.Just two lines are enough to make a hot news to publish to attract the attention of viewers. Readers has to verify whether the news published on pay panel report is true or not.A news published recently in a Reputed News Website says that the Empowered Committee would propose Minimum Pay Rs.20000/-.The article states, “According to reports, the Empowered Committee of Secretaries (CoS) is planning to propose a minimum pay of Rs 20,000 instead of Rs.18,000 as proposed earlier”.But there was no point in that article that on which basis the minimum pay would be fixed at Rs.20000/-. These type of imprecise news are keep coming in many news blogs now.The NCJCM Staff side said that the ECoS has just observed the concerns raised by them in the Meeting. They insisted that Minimum Pay should be raised to Rs 26000/- instead of Rs 18000. In fact, is was told that the ECoS has not been given any power to commit any thing on modifying the recommendations.The next one is the news about implementation date of 7th Pay commission recommendations.The Central Government has already appointed a High Level Committee to review the recommendations and the Meeting with Stakeholders are being held recently. Whenever it completes its task it will prepare a report and it will be sent to Cabinet Committee of Ministers. Only after the approval of the Cabinet Committee, Notification in this regard may be issued. The committee has not been given any time frame to complete its work.But the Social and News Media are flooded with the news about the date of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations. Starting form May 21st, June, July and up to September 2016 are the dates suggested by the Media to implement the Pay panel report. It appears that they are all mere cooked up stories.The only reliable sources to tell about the decision of Government are NCJCM Staff Side and Government Officials. But None of them so for made any statement about tentative date of issuing Notification for implementation of pay commission. So let us wait sometime to know the actual development and hope it will be come out soon.